About Us


Ecobuddy Exports conteptualized and owned by a Chartered Accountant, a Social Entrepreneur, Subathra Devi from Tamil Nadu with a vision to support environment and for the betterment of the lives of Palm Tree tappers in India, particularly those in Periasamipuram, Vilathikulam Taluk, Tuticorin District, Tamil Nadu.

We respect Palm sugar for many reasons

Palm sugar consumption brings in equality in economy as this supports unprivileged palm tree tappers livelihood. Since Ecobuddy palm sugar comes with minimal processing, the proportion of money spent on processing is much less than the proportion paid to the farmers and the labors. Proportion of money which goes to palm tree tappers out of every sale price paid by the customer is higher than that of cane sugar. Large share of the money paid by the end customer goes to big sugar mills for processing.

Replacing consumption of cane sugar with Palm sugar supports environment in a significant way as sugar cane is one of the thirsty crop which sucks out ground water which is not easy to replenish 100%. Its good for the world’s economy to get at least some part of its sweetening requirements from dry land areas.It sustains the life of dry land dwellers and also leaves some part of wet land available for production of other essential food crops.

Palm Sugar is cultivated Organic without damage to the environment,

Above all Palm sugar is an ancient food which has to be carried over to coming generations ! Indian Ethic Food is very much part of our valuable Indian Culture which is one of the successful cultures in the world in terms of Health, Prosperity and Peace!