Ecowash FAQ

What is Ecowash?
It is a mixture of plant enzymes dissolved in water.
The plant enzymes are extracted from those plants which naturally have cleaning and disinfecting properties like Coconut, Lemon Peel, Neem and few more leaves.
Enzymes are the active elements that are behind any biochemical changes (like digestion)  in any plant or animal.

For what is Ecowash is used?
It is the best alternative for detergent soaps, powders and liquids.
It can be used for cleaning any domestic dirt or stain from fabric or from any surface.
It can be used for washing machine wash and hand wash.

How to use Ecowash?
Machine Wash:
15 to 20 Ecowash dissolve in 50 ml or more water and pour into the washing machine. This quantity is for 5 Kg of fabric to be washed. No need to set hot water in the machine. Ecowash washes well in room temperature water. It works best in less than 50 degrees temperature water.

Hand Wash:
10 to 15 ML of Ecowash dissolve in 5 to 7 liters of water. Soak fabric into the water full and tight. Soak for minimum 30 minutes. Take out fabric, use brush on hard stains if required, no need to use soap, while brushing you may use soaked water (or concentrate for worst stains) and rinse. Rinsing requires only less than 50% of the water which is required otherwise because Ecowash creates only about 5% of lather comparing to detergents. Less lather less water to rinse. 80% of the dirt and stain comes out in soaking water itself.So washing becomes easy and effortless. Washing is less strenuous than detergents/soaps. Hands are happy not irritating. Even if wounds or cuts is there on hands, this enzymes doesn’t hurt. It only helps to heal. Hand washing with Ecowash is less strenuous because the number of rinses required is only 2. Using detergents/soaps, the number of rinses is 4 to 6 times. Even after that we will see bubbles coming out of clothes which means detergent is still there in the fabric!

How much volume required compared to washing liquids and detergents?

Ecowash is 3 to 4 times powerful than detergents !

One liter Ecowash washes volume of clothes which 3 liters of detergent based liquids or 4 kgs of detergent powders can wash!

Does it contain any chemical?

It has Zero chemical or solvents.

Will it work? Will it really clean?

Ecowash cleans ALL dirt and stains which a soap or a detergent is able to remove. It works better than or equal to all detergents and washing liquids that are available in the market at present.

Washing with Ecowash is easy or hard?

Hand washing with Ecowash is much easier than with detergents. Scrubbing and brushing needs are reduced as the enzymes act upon disintegrate the dirt actively. Just two rinses are enough unlike 4 to 6 rinses as required by detergents. So it is less tiresome to wash.
Ecowash is neutral PH. It is chemical free. So it does not harm hands in anyway. In fact, because it disinfects, it also cures minor cuts and wounds in the hand.

Can’t believe. How can a chemical free stuff clean so effectively? 

Yes. Nature is very effective.
When you wash your hands in finger bowl, what is given to you is only a piece of lemon. Have you ever thought that you are less clean when washing using finger bowl not as much as you wash hands with soap? No. Nature is so complete and healthy!
Do you also realize that finger bowl uses many times less water than soap as it doesn’t lather?!

Does Ecowash lather like other detergents?

No. Ecowash lathers less than 5% of detergents.

Without lather how can anything be cleaned?

When we try to remove eye make up, try lathering soaps. It will not be removed effectively. Just put few drops of coconut oil. It will be completely removed! Lather doesn’t help!
When vessels are washed with  Tamarind or wood ash or lemon peel (For millenniums this is how vessels were washed) there is no lather. But the vessels are absolutely clean. This is still practiced in some remote villages!

By adding sulfates and few other chemicals lather is created. People are made to believe that more it lathers more it cleans. But practically lather only increases the water required to wash.

What is wrong with detergents?

Detergents are made up of hundreds of chemicals including those which are proved as carcinogenic and toxic! Some are found to create hormonal and mental imbalances also.

For five major purposes, five major categories of chemicals are added.

Surfactants reduce natural surface tension in water.

Sulfates are added to create lather.

Fragrance creators are made up of chemicals. Obviously jasmine or rose cannot be used to create fragrance in detergents because of commercial non-viability.

Brightness creators. Chemicals that reflect UV rays are made to get coated in the fabric to make the fabric look ‘bright.’.

Fabric Softeners. The above chemicals very much stay on the cloth and not everything is fully removed during rinsing with water. The chemicals present alters the softness of the fabric and after few washes the cloth becomes hard and gives an unpleasant feeling when we wear the fabric. To make it soft, the final load of chemicals, called ‘fabric softeners’ are added.

So What? The Chemicals are in the fabric not on me !

Skin the largest organ measuring at least 20 sq.ft, absorbs 60% of what comes across it, into the blood stream.

Through skin and inhalation, the chemicals get into us.

Apart from that, the washed water which has all these chemicals get into the ground water, soil, rivers, streams, ponds etc from where all our drinking water comes from! The sea food consumed may also carry these effect.

How does Ecowash work?

Ecowash is made up of only plant enzymes. The combination of the enzymes is such that it attacks almost all possible domestic dirt and stains. It definitely removes all dirt that are removed by a detergent.
It disintegrates the dirt to its original ingredients of hydrogen nitrogen oxygen etc.
Enzymes are the latest advanced technology in the cleaning field.

What Ecowash cannot remove?

Synthetic stains like inks, paints etc. These cannot be removed by detergents also. Ecowash removes all stains which detergents remove.

Ok.. What are the other uses of Ecowash?

Ecowash can be used for washing
1. Fabric – cotton, leather, natural fibers and synthetic
2. Dishes, vessels, china clay and plastic
3. Floor
4. Bathroom Floor
5. Wash basins and toilets
6. Glass
7. Stone/wooden tables
8. Metals like copper, bronze, brass, silver, gold, stainless steel, plastic, earthen wear
9. Any surface which is not painted
10. Salt deposited pipes and fixtures
11. Hand bags shoes slippers
12. Bed sheets, towels, floor mats, woolen wears
13. It can be used to remove Iron Rust.

Ecowash should not be used on painted surfaces, as the enzymes may act upon some of the organic compounds in the paint.

How to wash vessels with Ecowash?

Take a cup. Put Ecowash. Add three times of water. Mix well. Use. Save remaining diluted version, if any, for next time vessel wash.

Wet vessels – Apply Ecowash – wait for at least few seconds – scrub – rinse with 50% of water

Wetting fabric or vessels well initially, is very important. The same is important for detergent wash also.

Does it remove odor also?

Yes. Ecowash removes odor completely.
Many detergents do no clean well or remove odor fully and that is the  reason the manufacturers are forced to add scents in their detergents to mask the odor.All chemical combinations that smell pleasant need not be healthy.

Ecowash washed cloths smell as a clean fabric smells, nothing more nothing less.

Ecowash, the liquid, as such has a mild citrus peel smell which is pleasant.

Does it work in Hard Water Also?

Yes. Ecowash does not work based on the principal of lathering. So it works in hard water also very well !

Does it work on White clothes?

Yes. It makes white as white, better than detergents. It does not make it yellowish which later calls for blue dips. The blue pigment manufacturing industry is a big pollutant that can be avoided.
Bleaching white cloths often is also not required.

Does it Disinfect?

Yes! Ecowash has enzymes of Neem and few more natural disinfecting elements, so it disinfects the surface or fabric on which it is applied !

What to do with the washed water?

It can be used for garden. It will biodegrade in the soil naturally along with the dirt material it carries. It does not affect the ground water, soil, water bodies, drains, fish, tortoise, earth worm etc.

Fine. Is Ecowash Affordable?

Very Much! In fact, it is cheaper than many of the detergents and liquid washes that are available!
Per Kg of cloth can be washed in just 1.25 rupees !
Each liter Ecowash MRP is INR 339 only! This can wash 240 kgs to 300 kgs of cloth!
For a 4 member family it will come to about 3 to 4 months!

There is nothing called waste in nature! And so nature is always clean! Every waste is a food to something else. The ecological chain is perfect.

All living organism eats and sends its digested waste to the soil. For the trillions of microbes in the soil and for the vegetation this waste is the food ! We 120 crore peoples’ waste very much has a role to play in our nations ecological well being! It is a crime to throw the waste in such a way that microbes/soil/vegetation is not able to eat it. Presently the harsh acids (the toilet cleaners) put poison in the food of trilions of microbeings.

Ecowash, in concentrate when used in toilets, the natural cycle is not affected. Ecowash is neutral PH. It does not dip fecal matter in acid and make it difficult to decay! It aids faster disintegration of the waste!

Another important aspect is, switching away from detergents soaps and chemicals discourages loads of chemical producing industries who are one big class of industrial polluters! Because everything is produced ultimately for human consumption only, if the consumption pattern changes, those polluting industries will naturally shift to ecofriendly product production!

Ecowash is a true solution for Pollution and livelihood in India!

Lets hand over ourselves to Nature, the big mother, once again and finally!