Ecobuddy Ecowash – a chemical free washing liquid


Ecowash is the ultimate fabric cleaner made from plant enzymes. This is a 100% pollution free cleaner proven to be more effective than detergents in cleaning your clothes.

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(Plant Enzymes for Fabric Wash)

* Pure Plant Enzymes
* 100% chemical free
* More Efficient than chemicals
* Economical
* Less water usage
* Harmless Waste Water
* 100% Pollution Free
* No Patches in clothes
* Keeps fabric naturally soft
* No harmful residues in cloth
* Disinfects fabric

Sulfates that are used for creating lather are found to be harmful to the health. Many fragrance creating ingredients are researched as carcinogenic. Studies reveal that, Surfactants that are used in detergents are carcinogenic & teratogenic (that creates birth defects & interferes pregnancy). Research results say that liver, lungs, hormonal system,skin & mental health are also affected by detergent & softener chemicals.

The washing chemicals in many ways enter our body through skin & inhalation. Washed water seriously affects aquatic plants, aquatic animals, water bodies, groundwater & soil health.

Using enzymes is an advanced technology in cleaning field, which is very effective and at the same time harmless. Ecobuddy introduces washing machine liquid, which are made only from plant extracted enzymes. Each enzyme attacks a particular range of dirt & strain. The unique combination given in Ecobuddy Ecowash attacks all possible domestic dirts & strain which makes it an efficient, economical & a complete cleaning solution.

Ecobuddy Ecowash also disinfects Fabric. The cloth is naturally soft & no fabric softener is required. The water used for washing can be used for gardening as it is benign.

Mix 15 to 20 ml concentrate to about 50 ml of water & use for a 5 kg wash.

Ecowash FAQ

Content : Plant Enzymes, Water

Quantity : 500 ml

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