Ecowash – Environment Friendly Cleaning Products

Clean, Green & Safe

Ecowash is a new-age line of green cleaning products that are non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-carcinogenic, ecofriendly and completely safe.

Besides being a 100% green cleaning solution, Ecowash is also a potent cleaning solution, capable of removing stains, grease, grime, dirt and even rust and foul or stubborn odors. Ecowash cleaners are very easy to use as the cleaning solution does the majority of the work, without requiring excessive scrubbing or abrasion.

Just Clean Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

For too many years, cleaning products have severely polluted our planet’s water bodies with strong and toxic chemicals. These chemicals have for decades affected marine life, soil health and even air quality, adversely affecting human life as well.

It is estimated that as much as 80% of the world’s surface water is currently polluted by domestic sewage, with cleaning chemicals being one of the most prevalent and aggressive pollutants present in domestic sewage.

Ecowash is now available in various forms:

Dish Wash Fabric Wash Floor Cleaner Toilet Cleaner Bathroom Cleaner
Body Wash Hand Sanitizer Glass n’ Car Cleaner Kitchen Cleaner All Purpose Cleaner


Ecowash Salient Features:

Non-Toxic Non-Carcinogenic Non-Polluting
Non-Hazardous Non-Acidic (pH 7) Non-Polluting
Plant Safe Aquatic Life Safe Skin Safe
Removes Grime Removes Odor Removes Rust
EWG Chemical Free Ammonia Free Paraben Free
Phosphate Free SLS/SLES Free Dioxane Free