Ecowash for Dishes

The EWG or the Environmental Working Group classifies over 20,000 commonly used chemicals as toxic, polluting and harmful. Ecowash dishwashing solution is devoid of every one of these 20,000 harmful elements.

Ecowash is safe on your skin, yet powerful enough to remove rust, dirt, grime and the strongest of odors. Dirty dishes simply don’t stand a chance.

Ecowash for Dishes

A little goes a long way with Ecowash. Also, it can be diluted up to 5 times, giving you a family safe dishwashing solution that can handle hundreds and hundreds of full sinks, with just one bottle

Dishes have to be cleaned several times a day. Every time you use a traditional chemical laden dishwashing solution, you are risking your health, your family’s health and this planet’s health.

With Ecowash dishwashing solution, your dishes are safe, your family’s wellbeing is better off and our planet just breathed a little better.