Powdered Palm Sugar – Replacement for White Sugar

Ecobuddy Palmyra Palm Sugar contains 86% sucrose including invert and reducing sugar. It can be replaced for white sugar in all recipes.

It greatly enhances the taste of Coffee, Tea, Plain Milk, Soy Milk, Coconut Milk, Herbal Tea, Ginger Tea, Lemon Tea, Milk Shakes, Ice Creams, Fruit Salad, all kinds of pastries including Cake, Pudding, Muffin, Bread, Cookies, Cream Buns, Bread Spreads, Thai Sauces, Juices, Sweets etc. All kinds of sweets like Mysore Pa, Sweet Pongal etc can also be used. It should not be put in boiling milk as it might break the milk. It can be put in milk at temperatures less than 70 degrees or less. So in tea and coffee please add it just before you consume it.

Ecobuddy Palm Sugar contains 23 nutrients including Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and vital Vitamins which makes it a great alternative to all the proprietary health drinks available in the market. It was part of a ubiquitous health drink called ‘Panagam’ in earlier days in Tamil Nadu.

Adding this in any recipe makes it more nutritious and lowers the GI Glycemic Index of the dish, It can be replaced weight to weight for Sugar in all recipes. It is not to be replaced by volume because  Palm Sugar Powder is weight-less compared to cane sugar.

Palm sugar Powder is a wonderful Baking Sweetener. Simply replacing white sugar with Palm Sugar in Sponge Cake greatly enhances the taste of the cake. It naturally gives great color and gives a delicious flavor. It can be used to make Low GI Cakes and Diabetic Cookies.

It is also part of many Ayurvedic medicines and Home Remedies in the country. It is especially used as a natural nutritional supplement and for curing Cold Cough Asthma and other respiratory ailments. It is known to cleanse lungs.