Replace Proprietary Health Drink with Palm sugar


Ecobuddy Palm Sugar contains 23 nutrients including Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and vital Vitamins which makes it a great alternative to all the proprietary health drinks available in the market. The usual case with branded proprietary drinks is that, the resources spent on advertising and overheads is much more than what is spent on putting nutrition into the product. Plus nature gifted nutrition is far superior to fortified and artificially constructed nutrition made available through proprietary drinks.

All the 23 vital nutrition present in Ecobuddy Palm Sugar is natural, organic and free from chemicals & bleaches preservatives. Ecobuddy Palm Sugar is manufactured with minimum processing and free from all those complicated manipulations done to the food. Ecobuddy Palm sugar is the plain evaporated powder form of Palm Neera, a natural health drink used by our ancestors for thousands of years. During non-season when palm neera was not available, Palm jaggery with water (called ‘Panagam’ in Tamil) was used as health drink for its nutritive and medicinal properties. Ecobuddy Palm Sugar is the dust free powder form of Palm Jaggery.

You can take a look at the test report of nutritional values in Ecobuddy Palm Sugar. You can confirm here that the Palmyra Palm Sugar is the only known plant generated natural source of Vitamin B12 in the planet!

Palm Sugar has a natural chocolate-like flavor which makes it kids favorite when children change from commercial proprietary drinks to palm sugar with plain milk, soy milk, coconut or ground nut milk. It tastes better than most of the artificially flavoured drink plus with no need to add sugar!

Plain milk with palm sugar makes a delicious health drink fit for all ages. Plain milk with 2 spoons of Palm Sugar looks like Bournvita/Chocolate Complan or any other Chocolate Drink and taste better!