Palm Sugar an Ancient Secret to Women’s Health !

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Palm sugar was a widely used health food in ancient India. Even now in many Indian villages it is being widely used. This is especially significant for women’s health.

Traditionally when a girl attains puberty in south India even now elders make food essentially using palm sugar for first 16 days or 40 days. This is so during pregnancy too because of its rich iron, calcium and other nutritive content. After child delivery, the first food given to the mother and the child is palm sugar and diluted palm sugar respectively. The tradition of giving sweet first as an auspicious act for the new born and new mother also came because of the health benefits palm sugar holds and palm sugar being the staple sweetener in those days in the country.

This is because of rich nutritional content essential for women. This has been used to during puberty, pregnancy, delivery, menopause and for overcoming menstrual problems, anemia, calcium deficiency and to prevent diabetes. This is believed in Tamil Nadu to prevent miscarriage and to strengthen uterus. Click to see nutrition present in Palm Sugar You may refer the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition for the effect of a low-glycemic-index diet during pregnancy on obstetric outcomes

The Diabetes and excess weight gain that may occur during pregnancy can also be prevented by switching to Low GI food like Palm sugar.Since Palm Sugar is a Low GI Sweetener, it helps cure of Poly cystic ovary syndrome for ladies when consumed regularly replacing cane sugar especially when planned with other low GI diet. Palm Sugar helps Prevent Diabetes and anemia during pregnancy.

Traditionally it is known that Palm Sugar has lots of medicinal qualities. It is widely used in Indian medical sciences like Siddha and Ayurveda. It is known to be effective against cold and lung related ailments.